Augason Farms places a large focus on providing nutritious and delicious survival food in a crisis. In fact, the company even recommends that its customers use its products in daily meal planning. This focus on food alone keeps it from being one of the best emergency stores, as survivalist customers will only be able to purchase a portion of what they need.

New visitors to Augason Farms' site will be disappointed if they hope to find a large assortment of disaster preparedness items. There is a tab allotted for preparedness supplies, but it is mostly composed of food bars instead of flashlights and knives. There is a small selection of bug out bags from one person up to 10 people. The survival kits come with essential emergency gear. While we were disappointed overall when it came to emergency gear offered, we were happy to see that Augason Farms provides these decent emergency kits.

Most of the food provided by this emergency service comes in #10 cans, which offer an average 25-year shelf life. Not a lot of food products are offered that will serve as a good introductory store for the person investing in survival gear for the first time. Augason Farms provides a good mix of the basics such as freeze-dried fruits, dehydrated meals and vegetables, drink mixes, and vegetarian foods, and meat substitutes.

One of our favorite features on this website is the food storage calculator. With this calculator, you can determine how much food you need for yourself, your spouse and your children. The estimator asks you the sex of each family member, his or her daily average food intake and whether he or she has any special dietary needs. You are then able to see the emergency food supply your family needs for one year, six months, three months and one month.

Augason Farms provides you with fantastic emergency preparedness pointers and food storage tips. Among other offerings, there are YouTube videos and other tips on how to prepare your home inside and out for a disaster. You'll also learn what survival supplies to have on hand for each specific disaster and how to help your community get ready.

Augason Farms Summary:

If you're new to making emergency food and gear investments, Augason Farms' limited selection won't overwhelm you with information. A bigger emphasis on actual emergency products that you can buy separately would make this service a contender.


Augason Farms

The food calculator is easy to use and very detailed.

There is a very limited emergency gear supply.

The Verdict:

While there isn't a huge variety on this site, Augason Farms provides food storage with a home-cooked taste your family will love.