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PROS / The food selection is one of the best we’ve seen.

CONS / There are no gluten-free or lactose-free meals.

VERDICT / Emergency Essentials provides you with great survival equipment and quality food groups, even though it does not have some of the more specialized dietary meals.

Emergency Essentials is an emergency preparedness store that takes food provision to a healthy and satisfying level. Survival supplies are also available, and there are plenty of choices for any kind of disaster. With one of the best food and nutrition varieties we’ve seen, Emergency Essentials earns our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award, even though some specialized diet choices are unavailable.

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Emergency Preparedness Tools

It may be hard to imagine you or your family in an emergency situation, but natural disasters do happen. By preparing the essentials for you and your family before these stressful times, you can be better equipped to cope with anything that comes your way. Emergency Essentials is one of the best emergency stores, and the store carries everything you need to be prepared, like communication, first aid kits and tools.

The ability to build your own emergency first aid kit is one of our favorite features of this disaster preparedness service; the company offers so many individual items and kits to add to your first aid emergency supply. From basic survival items to equipment you would have never thought to add, this feature allows you to purchase materials your family will need and can use on a daily basis or during emergency situations.

The only equipment it lacks is a flood kit and a financial crisis kit. However, the site has an earthquake kit and a power outage kit, both of which are well put together. You can also buy supplies that will be effective in a flood, so the service somewhat makes up for not having a full kit available.

Food & Nutrition

Emergency Essentials covers all the survival food basics, including grains, dairy, entrees, soups, fruits, vegetables and desserts. Each emergency food supply item has the calories, protein and vitamins your family needs to stay healthy. Emergency Essentials has a wide variety of foods and offers a variety of packaging and sizes. You can purchase dehydrated foods and freeze-dried food in bulk in the traditional #10 cans, but you can also increase the amount of basic food storage you collect, like lentils, sugar and wheat, by purchasing these items in Emergency Essential's Superpails, which are equivalent to eight #10 cans.

One useful part of Emergency Essentials' food selection is the ability to get meals or supplies to make your own meals. There are basic food ingredients, like flour and sugar, and enough raw food items to make into meals. Emergency Essentials has a good understanding of the different types of food each individual might want.

Specialty Features

If you are unsure of how much food you and your family will consume, you can use a food storage estimator to help decide how much you should purchase for a certain amount of time. The site also has a food storage cookbook, which will come in handy if you prefer to prepare your meals rather than eat pre-packaged ones.

One perk of Emergency Essentials is the ability to find pet-friendly survival gear. The site has pet food and supplies, like water containers, to help accommodate a family dog in an emergency. While not a common feature in emergency preparedness stores, it is still an added bonus.

Many of the freeze-dried and dehydrated foods, like fruits and vegetables, could technically be classified as gluten- and lactose-free. However, we were disappointed that Emergency Essentials does not have food storage items categorized to meet specific allergen and special dietary needs. We would like to see these needs met with individual #10 cans as well as with specific gear supplies.

Help & Support

Information and connectivity are two of the most important tools a company can provide you. Emergency Essentials does a fantastic job at both. The company provides outstanding emergency and disaster preparedness articles for your family to study, as well as easy-to-find contact information. If you need to contact Emergency Essentials for any food storage or survival equipment questions or orders, you can email or call the company. This site does not offer live chat. However, you can also connect with Emergency Essentials through Twitter and Facebook, read the company's blog and subscribe to its monthly email newsletter.


Emergency Essentials is an emergency preparedness store for families and individuals. Its website is packed with the fundamentals your family needs in an emergency. From emergency food supplies and water storage to survival equipment, it has everything you need for disaster preparedness.

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